Saturday, March 24, 2007

Still Waiting for a Referral

Well it's been over 3 weeks since our last posting so I just thought I'd give a quick update. Donna, the social worker at our agency responsible for our referral, has just returned from a 3 week trip to Liberia. She will need a week or two to get settled back home and caught up with sleep and her family, plus her 1 year old adopted son is having surgery next week and she will need time to help him recover. So we will continue to be patient as we wait news on our children. Whenever that time is, I'm confident it will be worth the wait, and that it will happen at exactly the perfect time that God has ordained. When we anxiously awaited and longed to be pregnant with Joshua, there were many pregnancy tests that were negative and thrown away. So each time there is a message on our phone, Kim is hoping it will be our little "plus sign" showing that we are "expecting". So we will continue to wait with much anticipation for our "sign".
On other family news, we were hit with really bad colds, in fact we think it was influenza, and so we are glad to say that we are all just about 100% healthy again. Spring is finally on its way as all the snow has melted and it will soon be time to rake and fertilize. Our windows and siding project is coming along nicely. The windows were installed in february, and the siding is about 50% done. But it's starting to really take shape and it's looking very nice. And as much as Kim and I complain about Emma our dog, and jokingly talk about giving her away, we realize this week how much a part of our family she is. I let her out Monday evening around 8 as we were putting the kids to bed, and got busy and forgot about her. She ended up being outside for about and hour and a half before I realized it. I had to call her several times and was about to go looking for her when she came back and so I let her in and she went to bed. Well the whole next day she never ate, and was having a difficult time walking, especially steps. She wouldn't eat a single treat or table food and she groaned when you touched her belly or hind quarters. We think she may have been struck by a car on her evening escapade. We took her to the vet and no broken bones, just pulled muscle they suspect and subscribed some pain medication. But Joshua was sad to the point of tears, and Caleb was extremely concerned too. And so we realized that she truly is a part of this family - for better or worse.
Well we will be sure to let you all know as soon as we know anything, but thanks again for praying and for checking in on us.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I-600A Approved

We are now Kid Tested, Government Approved. So all things are in place and we are officially awaiting our referral from AoH. Donna is the person from AoH responsible for the referral. She works in the Wisconsin office, but is currently on her way to Liberia for 2 weeks. So I don't know if that will delay our referral or not. The children currently available at the orphanage, don't exactly fit the criteria we've requested, and there are other families waiting for children in the same age range as us who have been I-600A approved before us. So as I've stated before, we will wait, wait, and wait some more.... Click on this link to read a list of children currently available from AoH at the bottom of the page titled "Featured Children". We are really seeking God to show us what children He has planned for us.