Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Preparing for Adoption

For those of you who have adopted, you know the mountains of paperwork and documents that have to be signed, notorized, and filed. Kim thankfully has been taking care of most of it - reading over the paperwork, filling it out, and showing me where to sign. My part has been figuring out the financial aspects, making sure we can afford not only the process, but the children once we have them. Right now we are still praying for God's direction in whether to adopt one or two. But we have secured financing today and are prepared for all the necessary expenses.

Friends of ours, Danny and Kristen Lowery are in Ethiopia right now picking up their son Caleb. So reading about their experience has been really fun as we envision what our experience might be. We shared with my family over Christmas that we are adopting, so that they can prepare for a future with more Basten's running around - and hopefully share in our joy.

Many of you know that Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman has adopted 3 girls from China. He wrote a song titled "When Love Takes You In" about his experience adopting their first daughter. Click on the link to hear the song and see pictures of adoptions that have occured thru Acres of Hope Liberia. We hope to someday see our picture there.

Happy New Year!


cari said...

Yippeee, I'm so excited. We expect awesome posts from you Dale seeing that you are a computer programmer and all. Now I can live vicariously through your adoption. How wonderful. God Bless!!!
P.S. Dale: This is an excuse to shop!

Dahms family said...

Congratulations and wow!
I'm not sure how much shopping you will be doing! Mostly for FOOD! You are crazy, but then, so are we! Welcome to the W.O.N.A.P.!
otherwise known as "the world of nutty adoptive parents", more fondly known as "wonaps!" Your initiation is the homestudy, if you get through it, youre in! but seeing as you are already done, CONGRATULATIONS! YOURE IN! You will never be the same!
Hey, let's make a deal. You keep praying for us, and we'll start praying for you! Ha!
We love you guys!
Mike and Vonda