Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Phase of the Journey

Boimah Mumba - Born August 7, 2004We received an updated list of available children yesterday, and though there was no "perfect" sibling group that fit the criteria that we feel is a best fit for our family, we did feel led to inquire on one little boy, and have started the ball rolling to make him our son. There is no official word yet, so I ask for your prayers, but if all goes well, he will be the first half of the puzzle to round out the Liberian part of our family. His name is Boimah Mambu and was born August 7, 2004 (2 yrs 9 months). It looks like he has tears in his eyes in this picture, and breaks my heart to think of what he has and is going through. All we do know is that his father abandoned him and his mother before birth. And though she tried, she was unable to provide for him and felt the orphanage was her best hope for him. That also breaks my heart. Other information we have is that he is healthy (no known health issues) and he weighs 23lbs is 32in tall. So I guess we covet your prayers for him, us, his mother, the orphanage, Acres of Hope, the adoption process to go smoothly, and anything else you feel led. Lastly we'd ask for your prayers for our daughter Olivia and wisdom for us to love and correct her. Her strong-willedness has been shining the last couple weeks, and we love her immensely, but she is testing our patience and authority as often as possible. We pray that we would figure that out before we interject two more children in the mix. As always, we do so very much appreciate that you care and are sharing in our joy through this whole process. It really does mean a lot to us! Thanks again.


Becky said...

Congratulations! I was so hoping to see good news for you soon. As always, you remain in my prayers.


cari said...

Congratulations Basten Family! He is adorable. I hope you can travel soon and bring him home to begin his healing. I'm sure the boys are very excited- a new brother!