Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quick Update for Those Still Checking

We still do not have a referral, and are really in the dark as to when we might receive one. But currently there are no children at the AoH Orphanage that meet our criteria (siblings under the age of 4, preferrably a 3 yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl). There are at least 12 children whose adoption is final and have received passports, whose families will be picking them up at the end of May. The orphanage always has more qualified children "in waiting" to be admitted to the orphanage to take their place. Most likely in that group are our children. AoH is doing case work on these children to verify family situations (or the lack thereof). So as soon as we have word, we will be sure to pass it on. We have received some encouraging news, in that Passports used to take 2-6months to receive once the child was legally adopted in Liberia. It is now taking only 1 month. That is encouraging since the referral seems to be taking longer than what we had hoped. But as another adoptive family put it - this is "Liberian Passports 8.0" - meaning the process and time has changed 8 times during their adoptive process. So although it is encouraging now, all that could change by the time we actually need ours. As always, thanks again for your support.

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