Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Picture Paints a 1000 Words

After a long dry spell of not getting any new information regarding our referral for a girl or information on Josiah, we were excited to have a message on our answering machine tonight saying they had a new picture for us. Of course you look it over several times wondering is that really our son? Is that the same boy? Imagine getting one picture of your child, and then not getting another one for 2 months. We don't know his personality and so there is only so much you can take in from a 2-D picture. But Kim has fallen in love with him all over again and thinks Blue is a good color for him. The only information they shared with us is that "Boimah is doing very well at the orphanage. He is good natured and likes to do silly things." So it sounds like he'll fit right in. Can't wait to squeeze him!

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Becky said...

Yay! Doesn't it feel good?? When we got pictures of Benjamin today, I was hoping you would be getting an update, too. I understand the falling in love all over again. I can't stop looking at our pictures. I'm so happy that your dry spell is over! Blue is a good color on him. : )