Monday, July 9, 2007

Introducing Kimberly

We'd like to introduce Kimberly. We are cautiously optimistic that she will become our daughter. We received a call today letting us know that they may have found a referral for our daughter. The social worker felt with the name "Kimberly" that it was somewhat divine and she sent us the two pictures you see. We need to wait on some additional information that is supposed to come from Liberia tomorrow, and if everythings checks out, Kim and I will accept her as our daughter and the search will be over. We plan to name her Gabriella. All that we know is that she is about a year old. So please pray that everything works out and if this is not who God wants for us, that that would be clear by tomorrow. Thanks again for your prayers and love and support. If you want to know other prayer requests, they are listed to the right.

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Becky said...

I will be praying. It would be so wonderful to have your wait for a referral over. She's a beauty! I hope you have good news tomorrow. I will be celebrating with you.

<>< Becky in Idaho : )