Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Alone

I sit here tonight trying to work, but finding my mind drifting off to so many other places. My Liberian children are far, far away in some place foreign to me - almost a fairy tale place because my mind just can't grasp the true experience of it all. I've heard and read many things about that place, but it won't be "real" until that day I step off that plane and I'm smacked in the face with the heat and wide range of new smells and sights. Joshua and Caleb are off to Cub Scout camp for 3 days. It's their first overnight scout camp. I have so many fond memories of scouting and camping growing up, but now as a parent, I wonder how they are doing and if they are in a safe place. And lastly Kim and the girls are down in Milwaukee at her Mom's house having a rummage sale to try and raise funds for our travel to Liberia. So here I sit in this empty house. The true church is the body of believers and not the building they gather in, for without the people there is no church. I feel the same could be said of my house. It certainly is no home tonight. It's very quiet, and other than a dog, parakeet, hamster, ferret, and goldfish I've been left to care for, there is no life. Not the excitement and noise that usually fills this place. So as I continue my wait to bring Josiah and Gabriella home, there is even more appreciation for the great gift they represent. What a privelege!

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