Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Please Pray

We received some discouraging news yesterday that we would appreciate your prayers regarding. Here is the excerpt from an e-mail we received:

"The new consular at the US Embassy in Liberia is an African American Women who has decided it is her mission to Slow Down Adoptions. She said there have been too many complaints about it so that is her solution to it. I know that there has been numerous problems with other agencies. I asked why they didnt reconsider AOH as there has been no complaints about them and our staff there said that she is lumping all adoption agencies together. She didnt care. Charles who handles the visa processing for families said that she will not just let them come in on a Thursday and process a visa either. If you dont have an appointment; she wont allow you in the door even. She will no longer except emails from our agency or parent agencies, or even the INS of your state about your I-600 approval. She will only accept the cable sent by the National Visa Center as proof that you have I-600 approval. (this is for traveling families) She has a 2yr term in this position.This person is in MUCH need of prayer. She needs her heart softened dramatically. And she must not be used as a tool to prevent adoptions of children who are in much need of families. Lift her up in your prayers. "

I was reminded in church this past weekend that God ultimately is in control, and there is nothing we change by worrying or that this person can do to deter God's plan with regard to Josiah and Gabriella. So we will continue to wait, and trust, and to pray. Thanks for joining with us!

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