Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cheeseheads of the World Unite

The boys and I had the opportunity to go to the Packer game tonight. Even though we lost 21-13, we had a great time together screaming and cheering and just enjoying the atmosphere of Lambeau Field. I couldn't help but thinking that some day I would be there making memories with Josiah. In time, when he's ready, we'll be able to enjoy the camaraderie of cheering for our favorite team together.


DeniseinSC said...

OK.I am a Steeler fan!! But, I must say that you Packer fans are a pretty loyal crew!!! We've got alot of AOH Packer families! Love, Denise

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! What nice memories for your sons. I really enjoy reading your blog and your music selections are fantastic. God Bless,
Melissa Arnold (new AOH family)

Scott and Katy said...

I am not a football fan at all, but hey, I grew up in Hawai`i, we only had college ball. I must say, though, that you Packer fans make me wish I had some sort of football identity! Looks like great fun! Josiah is going to love guy-time. He's not going to know what hit him!