Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quick Update on Gabriella

We received some more information on Gabriella today, and are just awaiting information on her health. Being self employed and thus self-insured, being able to provide for extensive medical needs is a concern. Of course, we are trusting God with the health of these children, but just want to know as much as we can before we make it official. Of course we have fallen in love with her already and can't hardly imagine her not a part of our family, but will know the results of blood work by Thursday at the latest. Unless something major shows up, and even if it does, I forsee us accepting her referral. So check back soon because they intend to take pictures of Gabriella and Josiah together as brother and sister and send them to us soon. Until then - good night.

On a side note, I found this song from Prince of Egypt where Moses mother Jochebed decides to give up Moses in hopes to save his life. And I can only imagine the "real" situation in Liberia, that has caused these mother's to give up their children. In both Josiah's and Gabriella's case, their mom's were to a point where they felt the orphanage was the best place for their children. And so I ask you to remember these mother's in your prayers. How difficult a choice that was, and yet somehow I believe they are grieving over that choice. Yet their choice has resulted in joy in our lives and in sharing that joy with all of you. But still i'm mindful that our joy is their loss. I pray God heals their hearts and gives them peace, and part of my commitment is to these mom's who have trusted me with a most precious gift.

P.S. We love to read your comments and encouragement, but realized until recently we had restricted the ability to leave comments. But that restriction has been removed, so comment away!

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Anonymous said...

Thought I would try this and see if it works now. Congratulations on your referral of Gabrielle. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Hopefully you'll hear good news today on her test results.They'll be a wonderful addition to your family. Wow!
Joshua,Caleb,Elizabeth,Olivia,Josiah, & Gabrielle. Yicks! What a family! Cari