Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sister and Brother

First things first -we did not get any news on Gabriella's health today, but if anything would have come up regarding her medical condition, they would have contacted the Wisconsin office. Every indication is that she is a healthy little girl. But they will confirm everything tomorrow and we will officially accept her referral tomorrow.

What an exciting week. We received additional pictures of Gabriella today and of Gabriella and Josiah together as "soon-to-be" brother and sister. We are bubbling with joy. Also there are no guarantees on anything, but if things go the way they have been going, we are in the August group of families to have our paperwork presented in court and Josiah's adoption will be finalized in Liberia. Also they will try and expedite Gabriella's paperwork so that we can go and pick them up together when that time comes - but things are looking good for a late November trip to Liberia. So we covet your prayers on all the remaining details. Thanks again - we are so excited. Enjoy all the pictures :)

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