Saturday, December 15, 2007

Diversion Strategy Working

Well our strategy to take our mind off of the adoption is working. We made some great progress on the bathroom today. All the electrical work is done, all the construction waste was removed, and most of the plumbing was completed including installing the new wrap around tub/shower. The next order of business is drywalling which should get tackled on Monday. But unfortunately the tile we ordered ("not so" coincidently named African Slate) may be the hold up in the whole process. Kim still needs to decide on the vanity we are going to install. Since we had an electrician here to rewire the bathroom, we decided to take care of some other needs. As I mentioned in a previous post, our house is 94 years old. So none of our bedrooms have closets (by design because armoires were the style in that era) and each of them only have one outlet. In our bedroom, the only outlet was attached to the lightswitch about 3 ft up the wall next to our door. So we always have extension cords either going up over the door frame or under our bed. So we now have another outlet in the standard position on another wall. We also added another light in our hallway so that Kim can see in her closet.
We moved out our armoire and our dresser to our spare bedroom, and set up Gabriella's crib today in our bedroom. And we have a toddler bed setup for Josiah also. We don't know how long we'll keep it like that, but as long as it takes until they've adjusted and attached to us. So that was somewhat exciting. Right now we can only imagine tucking them in, but hope to experience it soon.
We had Olivia's Christmas program at school this past Thursday, have the children's Christmas program at church tomorrow morning, Joshua's violin recital tomorrow evening, and then two more Christmas programs at school this week. So it will definitely be a busy week. But what a great time to celebrate - the birth of our Savior.

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