Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tenative Travel Dates Set

That's a picture of Roberts International Airport in Monrovia, Liberia - pretty modern huh? Anyways, Kim spoke with a travel agent today and tenatively scheduled our flights to Liberia. There is a whole bunch that we are trusting God for with this, but right now I am tenatively scheduled to be in Norway on business from Jan 26 - Feb 1. Kim has scheduled to meet me in Brussels on Friday Feb 1. She will arrive in the morning and hopefully i will arrive in the evening sometime. It is a 2hr flight from where I will be in Sandees Norway. Then hopefully we'll enjoy Saturday in Paris, and on Sunday take a flight out to Liberia. Monday is typically a day to sight see and shop in Liberia. On Tuesday Feb 5th would be our "gotcha" day where we'd see Josiah and Gabriella for the first time. Thursday Feb 7 most likely will be our embassy date. There were no flights available that Friday, so we would be stuck in Liberia until Sunday afternoon, which would give us a chance to worship at a church "Liberian Style". Then the long flight back would bring us home to Green Bay on Monday Feb 11 around supper time. We've currently just reserved a lap ticket for Gabriella. The good news is with me being in Norway on business, it will cut about $500 off of my ticket. Again all of this is tentative. We are awaiting word back from the Embassy tomorrow and need to clarify some things with AoH. Also I have to clarify some details on my business trip and schedule those flights. All of it is very exciting and scary at the same time. But if all goes as planned (which everything up to this point has :) we should arrive back on Feb 11th, meaning our adoption trip took 1 year, 2 months, 1 week, and 4 days to complete. So hopefully on Friday we'll be able to finalize our tickets meaning from that point on any changes would cost us money. But we are hopefull that our time has come, and the real journey will begin.


Missy said...

Oh this is so exciting and such a great leap of faith. I'm praying so hard for you, my friends.
Love, Missy

julie said...

kim, wow so happy for you. can't wait. i hope everything goes as planned for you.

Blu and Darbi said...

Oh I'm praying it all works out!! Can't wait for those gotcha pics!


Becky said...

Me too! I am so happy for you guys that there is a light at the end of the long tunnel.