Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Post - So Soon

Nothing new from Basten Family. Summer vacation has officially started. We attended a graduation party on Saturday at a VFW and Josiah learned a valuable life lesson: "Don't throw rocks". He broke a basement window of a neighboring house. So that was exciting for a moment. And we've been trying to help Josiah and Gabriella get rid of Giardiasis - a parasite disease. So they are on their third dose of anti-biotics. And today out of the blue, Gabriella starts crying, and we can't figure out why but discover her pants need to be changed. And it's the first time she's had solid stool since we've had her. And we finally put two and two together that it either hurts coming out or she's afraid because it's different then she's ever experienced. She cryed again spontaeously and again a dirty diaper. We found it a bit humorous, but we rejoiced in solid pooh. Other than that, thought we share some more pictures.

The girls with their pajamas "hiked up"
Olivia and Gabriella fixing their hair
Olivia playing horse with Josiah playing cowboy
Elizabeth showing off her new "do"
Riding a toy 4 wheeler at Aunt Miriam's
Close-up of Josiah
Being boistrous
Gabriella sitting in the doll carrier on Olivia's bike

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Brandi said...

What? Two posts so close together. . what did we do to deserve this?!!!

Super cute. .man those kids of yours!