Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello - Anybody Out There?

After a 2 month absence, I've finally gotten back to the blog with an update. Things are going very, very well, and we are enjoying our family tremendously. We are extremely blessed and thankful to be at this point. All our children have been adjusting so well to all the changes and the progress of everyone has been amazing. Tomorrow is the last day of school, so come Friday, Kim will be more exhausted, and more in need of a break from the kids. But we have a plan to provide structure and eliminate some of the chaos. The kids will be in swimming lessons for 4 weeks which will help. But things are extremely busy! My business is doing well, which has added to the busy-ness, which is why it's been so difficult to sit down and blog. But my sincerest appologies to those of you who have faithfully checked, only to find the same old post. I'll try to recap the last 2 months briefly in pictures.

Showing off our pearly whites

Bath time is so much fun!

Sleeping Angel
Holding hands in our car seats

Posing with Grandma Maly

The whole Basten Family

On the shore of the Wolf River in Shawano watching the migration of Sturgeon

Joshua showing off his new glasses

6 kids has made me a little crazy

Love will make you do this

Posing with our Great Aunt Miriam (Kim's dad's sister) We visited family over Memorial Day weekend in Richland Center in the soutwest part of the state.

End of School Year field trips meant we visited the NEW Zoo more than once. Here Joshua is feeding one of the giraffes named Hodari

The before picture

Elizabeth got her hair cut so that she could donate her hair to Locks of Love


From Five to Eight said...

Love all the pictures Dale and Kim.
(esp. Daddy getting his hair done!)

Becky said...

I agree...the picture of Dale's hairdo is the best! : )

I was really excited for an update. You have such a beautiful family!


S and K said...

YAY! So glad you posted.. amazing pictures.

I love the family pic and the pic of all the kids on the river.

But my fave is the one of Dale w/ barrettes in his hair.

I see your family is a bit like ours!!!!

My husband would do that too!


Brandi said...

Yeah for new pictues. . I had never given up on you! I LOVE the pictures. . oh my, I am still so taken by her eyes (just like the moment I saw her referral picture!)

What beauties. . love the river pics too!


Melodie said...

Thanks for the updates! It's good to see how everyone is doing after so long.