Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Officially Summer

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the weather. We are still anxiously awaiting a warm day where we can try out the jetskis for the first time. In the meantime, the kids started swimming lessons last week. Josiah loves the water, even though he's usually shivering and the chlorine bleaches his skin. Joshua is in level 5, Elizabeth and Caleb in level 4, Olivia in level 1, and Josiah is in beginner. But they are all doing great. Olivia is definitely the bravest of her age group, and loves jumping off the diving board. Meanwhile Gabriella, forced to watch each day, keeps getting closer and closer to the water.

This weekend we attended a birthday party with very good friends that have "adopted" us into their family. And the cool part for the kids, is that there were 6 adopted children at the party. 3 sisters from this family have adopted, so their were three from Ethiopia, one from China, and two from Liberia. It was a great time of playing and getting wet.

Julie Redman, who I spent a week with in Liberia, and have visited once since being back, has been back in Liberia for a third time in order to bring Teddy home. It's been a long road for them, so we are anxiously awaiting the news that both of them boarded the plane.

Gabriella and Caleb
Gabriella being her cute self
Elizabeth and Gabriella snuggling
Joshua with his summer hair cut and summer atire.
Olivia with Gabriella showing off her braided hair that mom worked so hard on
Josiah smelling the flowers
Helping dad water the flowers
What a cutie - I dread those dating years
Another hairstyle courtesy of mom

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Keith and Kris said...

GREAT BLOG! We were just given your blog address. We have to connect sometime. We recently adopted a little boy from Guatemala, and live very close to you (in Cecil). We have a lot of mutual friends, because everyone mentions you when they see our family for the first time.
Kris and Keith Wondra