Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Fun (Finally...)

We took a trip to Minneapolis St Paul Int'l Airport yesterday to welcome home Teddy Redman to America. Julie was in Liberia back in March in hopes of picking up Teddy while I was picking up Gabriella and our friendship grew from our time together there. Kim and Julie were friends before I went to Liberia, but Liberia was the first time I met her. She showed me the ropes in Liberia and helped me see more of Liberia than I would have on my own. Since that trip we visited with them in Stratford when Hamilton was up, and so i've gotten to know Scott as well and the rest of the family.

Anyways, after many, many setbacks, they were finally able to bring Teddy home yesterday. We were so excited for them, that we just had make the trip to Minnesota and celebrate - and we were so glad we did. Another couple, the Joyces, met at the airport too. We met Mike and Pat Joyce in Brussels on our way to get Josiah. Unfortunately our trip was cut short that time and we never really got to know them as well as we had liked. We also never got to see their beautiful children. So they were kind and generous and invited us all back to their home for some pizza. Their son Kevin is 3 and was in the same orphanage as Josiah. So it was so sweet to see their reunion and how excited they were to see each other. They were wrestling and hugging and having a blast.

Tomorrow is Joshua's 12th Birthday, so he had a friend spend the day and the weather was finally nice (87 and mostly sunny) so we took advantage of it and got the jetskis out for the first time this year. So Josiah and Gabriella expierence their first jetski ride. We had a lot of fun, and the water felt great. But the fact that Joshua is 12, means Kim and I are definitely getting old. I remember everything about his delivery and early months - each of those precious stages - rolling over, crawling, first tooth, but it seems like it's been a blur since then. But we rejoice in how the Lord has blessed us through Joshua.
Josiah with his buddy Kevin Joyce

Action shot of Gabriella and Olivia playing at the Joyces
Olivia ready to jetski
Caleb snuck this one of me working - all work and no play makes dad a crabby patty
Gabriella has been with us 3 months already - so Kim was getting some post placement pictures
Look at me - I'm swinging
Some of the Redmans, Joyces, and Bastens
Teddy on the floor in the airport opening some gifts

Gabriella enjoying Shawano Lake
Ready for a tube ride
Can't wait til I can drive this
Joshua the birthday boy
The 3 youngest playing on the jetski


Brandi said...

How fun! Man those kids are cute. . I'm just jealous that I couldn't be there at the airport!


julie said...

Dale and Kim,
There are so many good pics here. I love the one of Gabriella on the swing. It has been alot of fun getting to know you guys.....maybe we should do a Bay Beach day? Teddy is doing great so far! Thank you for supporting us in his adoption, meeting us at the airport, (even though I had a bucket bath 2 days prior these families all welcomed me with hugs, hahaha)lending me money to get home :0), etc. You guys have been great! Looking forward to a jet ski day!

Anonymous said...

Dale and Kim
I love the pics and we enjoyed meeting your family so much!! I was so touched by Kevin and Josiah's reunion. Would love to get together again. Also I have some pictures to share with you.
Pat Joyce

Becky said...

Hi Dale and Kim,

I'm sorry I haven't been by your blog in awhile. I really enjoyed catching up on the posts I'd missed. I especially love the videos! It looks like you are having a great summer! I'm so glad. : )

Tell Elizabeth that I think her new do is sooooo cute.

Donna Barber said...

I waited so long to see updates. It is great to see everyone in photos. And yes some of us wished we had been at the airport as well.

julie said...

i want to know if you are EVER going to update this blog again or if it is just lost out there somewhere in blogland?