Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Step Closer

Well we completed our series of Home Study visits on Friday. We also received our security clearance from our local Law Enforcement, and received my employment verification form, and our final letter of reference. So once we receive our I-600A and they schedule our finger printing, we'll have everything we need for Acres of Hope to give us a referral. This will be very exciting, to be able to put names and faces to what to this point is just a dream and a goal, but not so much real children. But it will also represent the most difficult part, which is waiting to get them once we know who they are.

Kim and I are going to get official copies of our Birth Certificates and our children's birth certificates because we need several copies for different steps along the way. Other than that we hope to get our 2nd shot for Hepatitis A vaccination. On the non-adoption front we still have our Korean guests, and our dog Emma bit Jae Hyun this afternoon. Nothing major, but I think our dog finally had enough of the in-your-face and abuse. Koreans, due to the fact that most live in high-rise apartments rarely have dogs and Emma's put up with a lot, but today finally broke. I know how she feels. The kids are only here until February 2nd, just under 2 weeks, and they will be very busy sight-seeing the last two weeks, so i'm sure they will be tired, and it should go by quickly. Also we are having all the windows in our home replaced, and so beginning Tuesday they will begin replacing 27 of them - one by one.

Lastly, today they had a Right To Life march in Shawano, and our church had it's first ever Celebrate Life pot-luck and celebration. It was great! It reminded me again why Kim and I are doing what we're doing. All life is precious to God. God created us all in His wonderful image, and before each of us took a breath, before we were even formed in our mother's womb, he knew us. He knows the children we are going to adopt, and he cares for them. And in our own little way, in declaring that all life is precious, we want to make a difference in two children's lives. To be the hands and feet of a God who truly does care for them. To Bless them through what we have been blessed with, which ultimately comes from Our God who Blesses. Not everyone is called to adopt. But we can all find ways in our own communities to help the helpless. Find ways to serve others and you will experience a profound joy and blessings.

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