Friday, January 26, 2007

Very, Very Close to a Referral

We are excited to announce that the mounds and mounds of paperwork are completed (thanks to Kim) and we mailed the remaining birth certificates, marriage certificates and notarized this, that and the other thing to Acres of Hope today along with a check for half the adoption fee. We have received our appointment to be finger printed (required for our I-600A) and it is scheduled for Tuesday February 13 in Milwaukee. Our Home Study will be completed on Monday and mailed to Acres of Hope by our agency - ECFA. So after February 13th (after they receive the I-600A), we will be anxiously waiting and praying for our referral from Acres of Hope Liberia. So we have begun to actually discuss names. Trust me it all seems so surreal.

Regarding the finger printing, we still have some details to work out. Kim and I have committed to a missions trip to help rebuild Biloxi, MS from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We went down last October and were so touched by the people of Biloxi that we wanted to go again and help, even if in just a little way, to make a difference for someone in need down there. I was scheduled to go from Feb 10-18, and Kim is scheduled to go from Feb 17-24. Unfortunately our finger printing falls right in the middle of my trip and I already have plane tickets purchased and all that jazz. From all our consulting with others who have been through the adoption process, you don't want to miss your finger printing unless your willing to be significantly delayed. They only allow those who miss their finger printing to be seen on Wednesdays on a first come first serve basis with no guarantee that we will be seen. So we could drive all the way down to Milwuakee, wait all day, and still not have finger prints. And with Kim and I both going to Biloxi, that alone would push us back 2 weeks with no guarantees. So I have decided to reschedule or possibly not go to Biloxi. I'd appreciate your prayers for God to work out the details with regards to that. Either to find someone to replace me to go, or for me be able to adjust my flights in such a way as to still serve in Biloxi for just a couple days rather than the whole week.

The only other news is that we had all the windows in our home replaced this week and will be having siding installed sometime in February. We live in a "this old house" home. It's 94 years old and 75% of the windows you could not open. 3 were broken, another 2 cracked, and all in general need of repair. They were extremely drafty in winter to where we resorted to plastic in winter to stop the breeze. So we are happy to have more insulated windows that actually open. On the Korean Connection - our guests will be heading home next Friday. We've enjoyed the experience and will try to make the most of the last couple days we have with them.

Give Thanks in All Circumstances for this is God's Will for You in Christ Jesus


cari said...

Yeah for paperwork completion!! I am so excited and want to be there when you get the news so please see if that will be possible


cari said...

Oh and I think that if one is a girl she should be named after me

Becky said...

I will be praying that all of the details will get worked out for your fingerprinting and mission trip. I'm happy to hear that your dossier is done and in the mail. You are motivating me to keep up with you guys in the process.

Love in Christ,
Your AOH "buddy" in Idaho,
Becky Avella