Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Insanity Sets In

What started out as two Korean visitors has now become four. We accepted two more 10 year old girls for a week due to some circumstances with another host family. But it was completely out of control last night. Had tried unsuccessfully to get them to sleep by 9 and finally had to call a translator to threaten them in order to finally calm them down. But by 5:02am everyone in the house was up. Unfortunately they are still going tonight (like the everready bunnies). Korea is 14 hours ahead of us, so their night is our day, and they haven't adjusted their biological clocks yet. But I'd like to introduce Eunsu Cho (in the red) with her adopted American name Ashley, and Eunbi Jo (in the turqoise) with her adopted name Emily. Ellim our other 10 year old girl was this quiet-thing until the others showed up and now its just a wild bunch of 10 year olds. Eight is DEFINITELY enough.

On the adoption front, Kim and I each had physicals today required for our dossier, and we had our 2nd home study visit. Our final visit, which will include all our children, is next wednesday. Then hopefully within a couple weeks after that our social work will be able to complete it and forward it on to the appropriate parties.

Otherwise Kim's been helping us keep up with the paperwork. Filled out applications for passports. Kim keeps copying and I keep signing. Other than that, nothing new with us.

Until next time...

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cari said...

You are crazy!!