Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things Are Settling Down

    Well we have finally adjusted to our family of ten. Children are sleeping during the night and things are no longer so chaotic. They still get loud and excited every now and then like normal 10 and 11 year olds, but all is well on the homefront. Kim is a trooper and cooking, washing and cleaning 'round the clock. She caught a cold so she's a little run down or is it that she was a little run down and caught a cold. Either way she could be feeling better, but is holding her own.

Kim and I had follow-up readings on our TB tests for our physicals and got those signed. I completed our petition to the Liberian government on why we want to adopt and tomorrow we have a date to get several documents and forms signed and notarized. Also we are going to get pictures taken for our passports. So things are still progressing before we hit the dreaded holding pattern. So for now we are too busy with everything else to really give much thought to our adoptive children. To think about whether they were hungry today, or sad or lonely. Fortunately we serve a BIG God who cares about sparrows and who will be trusted to meet all their needs until we get the chance to help him out.

Oh, almost forgot to mention. We are headed to Waukesha this weekend along with 2 korean chaperones to boot. They wanted to come along to see the big city. But we are headed down to send off Kim's nephew Jody who enlisted in the Army. He felt it was his duty to serve, and so please keep him in your prayers, that God would protect him from harms way. Thanks!

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