Friday, January 5, 2007

Ahn Nyung Ha Seh Yo

That's "hello" in Korean. We interrupt this adoption with some exchange students from Korea. I'd like to introduce Jae Hyun Kim (boy) and Ellim Oh (girl). They will be staying with us until February 3rd. They arrived in Green Bay at 6:30 this evening, and so far it's been a real good time. Jae Hyun seems to know a good amount of English and so that will be a great help. Otherwise, thanks to the internet, I can type any phrase in English and it will be translated to Korean with a click of the button. So it helps in a bind. They brought gifts for us and each of the children. One of the gifts was a traditional Korean game called "Yute" so we had fun playing that too.

The latest update on the adoption is that we had our first home study visit this past Tuesday. Our social worker will be back on Monday, and then one more visit after that to wrap it up. We mailed in our I-600A form along with the fee to get finger prints done for both Kim and I. On the I-600A we had to make two very big decisions. 1) we decided to adopt two children 2) we decided we are traveling to Liberia to get the children when that time comes. Those are both faith decisions so we are trusting God will work out the necessary details regarding both. We also joined a user group on Yahoo for all families adopting through Acres of Hope Liberia. It's basically a support group of those in the process or who have been through the process to share tips, tricks and experiences. Through the group we've been able to see pictures of recently adopted children as well as those still in the orphanage waiting to be adopted. They are all so beautiful, and it's incredible to think we might be looking at a future member of our family. Thanks again for caring enough to be part of this process.

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