Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Grocery Shopping with the Kids

Most of us in the adoption community, as a result of our love for children, have more than the national average. So shopping with that many kids can be a challenge. Kim hates it. She'd rather go at night when the kids are all asleep than to have to battle with them in Walmart. Well a woman from Chicago seems to capture the heart of it in this humorous post on EBay (scroll down past the Pokemon cards where she explains why she is selling them). I encourage you to take the time and read it and recall the incidents you've experienced at the dreaded grocery store. As a result of this post, this woman has received a lot of publicity, book deals, TV appearances - and when you read it you'll see why. As a fan of Ken Davis I have to remind myself with all the ups and downs of parenting to "Lighten Up and Live".

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Tama said...

That eBay link is a riot! I only have one and feel that way :o)