Thursday, September 13, 2007

Josiah is Legally Ours

We received a call yesterday that the paperwork for Josiah's adoption was finalized so according to the Liberian judicial system, he is legally ours. So we are excited to be one step closer. With him being legally ours, AoH can apply for a passport for him, which is necessary for him to be able to leave the country. This is taking around 8 weeks currently. So once AoH has a passport, they can schedule an appointment at the US Embassy for him to get a VISA, and once they have that appointment, we will get our call to make travel arrangements. As we stated earlier this summer that the adoption process in Liberia is changing. It is our understanding that AoH will need to locate Josiah's mother and get her to the Embassy. The Embassy will then try to verify that she is indeed his mother and that her intent is to give him up. If after this interview, they are not satisfied that the woman is indeed Josiah's mother, they may seek a DNA confirmation which prolongs the process. For future adoptions, this all takes place at the time the children are dropped off at the orphanage. But we are transition adoptions and unfortunately are not grandfathered in. So although we thank God for His faithfulness to this point, we remain cautious knowing that until we get on the plane to return to America, that anything can happen.

The reason we remain so cautious is another couple began this process the same time we did. And through the wonder of the internet and blogging and e-mail, we have gotten to know them as we've shared this journey together. The same day we were receiving our news, they received the unfortunate news that their son's mother came back to the orphanage and took him home. So we ask you to pray for them (the Avella's) as they grieve this loss and try to figure out God's pupose in all this.

Lastly, I chose this song "Awesome God" because Olivia our daughter loves it, and ever since VBS (the first week of August) has been singing it around the house doing all the actions. I'll have to take a video of her and post it soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MW smith video. It was great to hear it at the end of the day! He is an awesome God!Congrats on one step closer. By the way, oh the young married pictures, yicks! We looked like babies! Love the curls Dale!


julie said...


Congrats on the good news! I guess this post answered my email that I sent you. What about your she close as well?


Brandi said...

Congratulations on ALL of the good news!!! Praise the Lord!!