Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Just wanted to give you quick update on Ava. The adoptive family had dinner with us Thursday night. They are a wonderful God-Fearing family with a 7 yr old daughter Emily. Her and Elizabeth hit it off right away, and can't wait til they can see each other again. But we really enjoyed our time with them, and now the 3am feedings seem just a little bit easier knowing we are doing it for them and ultimately Ava. Kim also met the biological mom for the first time on Friday. She requested to see Ava and so the common meeting place for that is our Foster Care agency office. She could not look at Kim and was very distraught. Kim and I feared for the adoptive couple that she might be changing her mind. But the visit was also for her to sign papers to relinquish her parental rights over Ava and so that court proceeding can be scheduled. And as far as we know that all took place and we weren't informed of any future requests by her to see Ava. So things look good so far for Ava. But please pray for her mother. Obviously it's a very difficult decision, and from what Kim could tell, she seems to be doing it because she really does love Ava and feels this is what best for her. Obviously she didn't abort her, so that in itself took courage. But still it's very difficult on her.

Kim and I have always had a love for children and for Africa. And so we have 5 children we sponsor through Compassion International. Friends of ours have college age children who recently went on a mission trip with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and as a result of that, can stay at any of the YWAM bases throughout the world. These friends and their 4 children just returned from a 3 week mission trip to Africa. We heard they were going to be near one of our compassion kids in Rwanda, so we were able to send pictures and a soccer ball and pump, and some other gifts. Compassion was kind enough to drive her 3 hours to where our friends were visiting one of their own compassion children at another base, and so we were excited to hear of their visit. Our 14 yr old girl Mukaniyonsaba Ntigahira (Moo-kahn-EE for short) has lost both of her parents. We had thought that she was living with an aunt and uncle, but unfortunately we found out she lives in an orphanage and is just so very shy and quiet. Her general disposition just seems so very sad. Our friends were able to buy her some food and gave us the great idea of buying her a bike because you have to travel so far for everything where she lives. The have some video of her that we can't wait to see, and actually managed to get her to sing a song for us - which is pretty amazing for how shy she is. Anyways we were very excited to be able to share with her in that small way.

Lastly we have no new news on our children. Several people from AoH are over in Liberia right now. So through them we at least have offered a hug to our kids. We hope to have some pictures when they return.

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