Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pictures of Mukani

As I mentioned earlier, friends of ours were visiting Tanzania and Rwanda to visit some of their compassion children and were able to work out arrangements to be our ambassadors of love to one of our own Compassion kids - Mukaniyonsaba Ntigahira (Moo-kahn-EE for short) from Rwanda. Compassion was kind enough to arrange for her and a woman from her base as well as an interpreter to travel 4 hours by car to where our friends, the Weismans, were at a YWAM base. We were able to give her a soccer ball, a pump, and photo album of our family(The video is of her singing to us, but the audio did not pick up well). But we were so blessed by her smile and by the ministry of Compassion, so we just wanted to share.

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