Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Praise!

Greetings again from Stavanger Norway. Wanted to share a quick update. Kim was able to secure a bioFamily Embassy appointment for Gabriella's mom for tomorrow (Thursday at 9am). So God has been faithful and has answered our prayers, and we trust that by tomorrow night we shall be set to pick up both of our children. There will be two other couples experiencing the same joy as us in Liberia next week.

Also please pray as Kim travels tomorrow. She leaves Green Bay at 12:30CST and should be in Brussels by 7:30am CET (Central European Time) Friday. She'll then have 12 hours by herself to adjust to the time change waiting for me.

Lastly please pray for my mom and grandma. They have taken away all my grandmothers medication and just have her on Morphine for pain. Her breathing is very labored and difficult and her condition is not very good. Obviously it is a difficult time for my mother and me, being half way around the world and not being able to comfort her. Also the thought of not being there should something happen has been difficult to take. But God is the God of all situations, and I continue to trust in his perfect timing for everything.

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