Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Official - Josiah is Ours!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally great news after a roller coaster week. We received word from AoH that Josiah's BioFamily interview went without a hitch today and so barring an act of God, Josiah will be coming home with us in two weeks. So the Visa appointment the week we are in Liberia is merely a formality to pick up the Visa and so we have reason to celebrate. We had hoped to feel this excitement on Tuesday for both children, but we are happy to be where we are none the less. Still no sighting of Gabriella's mom. Another couple (Tim and Kim ... can't rember their last name) expecting to travel on Sunday to pick up their child were supposed to have their bioFamily interview today and find themselves in the same position of being unable to locate their child's mother. So they are in a position of not knowing even if they will travel on Sunday. So their are two women in Liberia being searched for. I intend to talk to the US Consulate and explain the difficult position this new requirement has put adoptive couples in - and especially so late in the adoption process. Right now, the system is broke, and so hopefully I can at least appeal to reason and see if I can't help provide insight from the adoptive side of things.


Missy said...

Praise God for sweet little Josiah Basten. We won't stop praying until they're both home.

On another note, Dale, one of these days way down the road, after you get back from Liberia and settled in, I want you to tutor me on how to get audio on my blog without some sort of playlist. Please!!

Blessings to you all,

Becky said...

That's WONDERFUL news! Congratulations! I'll keep praying until they are both home. I'm glad to here about your plans to share with the consular how hard this is on adoptive couples.


Becky said...

(blush) spelling mistake....meant to say "glad to hear" not here.

julie said...

yeah for josiah! yeah for basten family! still praying for you/them to hear more on the birthmother. have a great trip.

Shelly said...

Yeah for your family! We will pray for safe travel for Kim and Dale to Liberia and safe travel for all "4" on the way home. :)
The Petermans

Anonymous said...

We are so glad for you! We won't stop praying that the other birth mother will be found. I told my husband that it seems like if they would interview the birth parent when they are first put in for referral and just let those in the middle of the process go, that in 6-8 months the system would be much better. Just a thought to mention. It does make this ending rather stressful!
Diane F.

Stefanie said...

Kim & Dale - We will be praying for you both. God knows where her mother is and I will pray that he reveals that to AOHL.

God bless!