Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Gabriella's Mom's Embassy Day

I've attached a couple pictures from downtown Stavanger. They have quaint shops and restaurants and coblestone roads. Our hosts Egil Mønnich and Geirr M. Ims from EM Software Partners took us out last night for a wonderful dinner. I had fish soup and a wild game stew that was in wonderful historic old ship building. They have been very gracious hosts.

Kim flys out later today so I'm very much looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. And later today I should find out how Gabriella's bioFamily interview went at the Embassy. Kim will have to wait until tomorrow night to find out.

Lastly continue to pray for my Grandma. Here she is pictured with the kids from a couple months ago. They've taken her off of her normal medicine and have her on morphine to make her comfortable. Many have said their goodbyes, and so it's only a matter of time. My mom put the phone up her ear and she said my name which was more than she had said for most of the day yesterday, so I take comfort in knowing I was able to say I loved her.

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