Monday, January 21, 2008


We'd so much appreciate your prayers regarding an urgent matter. We were informed this afternoon that they can not locate Gabriella's mother for the BioFamily interview scheduled tomorrow at 9am Liberian time (3am local). All the cell numbers they had for her are no longer in service or don't work or something. They do have some general idea of the last location she was, but somehow they need to find her before 9am tommorrow. She hasn't been seen and just have a general idea of where she might be. If she has died, they don't issue death certificates generally, so it may be very difficult to determine.

We really don't know where this leaves us. We don't think that they will allow Josiah's appointment to continue, because they don't want to waste a Visa appointment, when both children are supposed to be going to one family. Also if they don't ever find her, according to the new standards adopted by the consolate, our adoption of Gabriella would not be able to continue. So we will pray and wait and trust God will hear the cry of our heart.

If they do find her, we will give God all the glory.


julie said...

Kim and Dale,

I am praying for you guys. These Liberian issues can really interfere with the process. Please update as soon as you know something.


eric said...

I read your blog before I went to bed last night, and I have been praying for you each time I woke up during the night. My husband and I have just started the process of adopting from Liberia. We will continue to pray for you until we hear more.
Kerri Stetler

Becky said...

Any news this morning? I woke up hoping that all went well while I was sleeping. I'll keep praying.