Saturday, January 26, 2008

Need Prayer Again

Please join us as we pray that they find Gabriella's (Kimberly's) mother today. Chris (the Liberian social worker working our case) informed us through Rachel that they are sending someone into the bush today to search for Gabriella's mother. Please pray for favor from God to guide the steps of those searching on our behalf. We believe that God will work this out and that we will bring Gabriella home in two weeks.

By the way, greetings from Amsterdam. I made it safely to Europe this morning, and I'm just waiting for my final connection to Norway. Please pray for my family while I'm away. It was especially difficult for Elizabeth. Thankfully through the miracle of the internet and webcams, we'll be able to see each other and talk despite our distance.

Also God placed a national named Martina Gehrken-Trappe from East Africa (Tanzania) on my 8 1/2 flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. We had a real enjoyable time sharing our stories. She is a caucasion widow who grew up in Germany, but has spent the last 23 years in Tanzania. Her children are grown, but she has many African foster children and mothers that she supports through her B&B in Tanzania. Check out her wonderful place at Also she is involved with NGOs and actually had Bono from U2 at her place and she prepared dinner for 500 people involved with TED ( ). Check it out - it looks pretty interesting.


Missy said...

Wow Dale, that must have made for a fascinating trip.

I will be praying throughout the next couple of days that they find Gabriella's mother. So you're going to name her Kimberly after her mamma, how wonderful.

Kim, I'm also praying for you and the children at home and you as you prepare to leave too.

Much love,

Donna Barber said...

We wait with abated breathe with you. Best wishes and keep up posted minute by minute when you can.