Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Update (Finally)

We received an update from AoH late this afternoon. Basically nothing took place at the Embassy yesterday for either Gabriella or Josiah. They still have not been able to locate Gabriella's mother and so we continue to seek your prayers on our behalf. When a mother drops off a child they require 3 phone numbers. 2 of the three numbers that her mother provided are dead or no longer in service. The one number they called and did reach someone (either a relative or friend) but that person has not seen Gabriella's mother. We don't know how long its been since she's last been seen. But the social worker or staff from AoH Liberia have made one visit to the last known area where Gabriella's mom was and did not locate her or any information about her whereabouts. But they are going to continue to try and make some other visits/contacts in order to locate her. They are honoring our request and going ahead with Josiah's BioFamily visa appointment tomorrow and so we expect to keep our scheduled trip to Liberia in a week. They seem very upbeat and positive about Josiah's appointment and don't expect any complications. AoH currently has no Visa appointments scheduled next week, so if they could locate Gabriella's mom next week, they could get her in either Tuesday or Thursday without any problem. Even the week we are there, if they find her mother, I'm sure they could arrange a visa appointment up thru the Friday we are to leave. So our hope and prayer is that God will direct the steps of both Gabriella's mother and the social workers searching for her. So we are encouraged by the news and excited about the fact will can continue with our trip... but obviously pray for our hearts to remain steadfast and not lose heart. We haven't thought about seeing Gabriella and leaving her behind, but we are excited about seeing both our children, and anxiously await God's plan to be revealed.

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Becky said...

I'm checking several times a day for good news. Dear Lord, please do a miracle here.

Love and continued prayers,