Sunday, February 10, 2008


Elizabeth thinks it's cool that he sucks his
thumb just like her...
Posing for a smile with my sister Olivia
Dinner Time is a fun time. Here I have some
of Olivia's head bands on. It was tough
for her to share them with me.

Welcome to frigid Wisconsin. -8F outside with a windchill of -33F. In Monrovia right now it's 89F at 6pm but feels like 95F. So our poor little Josiah has to adjust to a 128 degree temperature change. We took him out to church this morning and he did very well. Putting the coat on for a ride in the van is always traumatic because we think he thinks we are going to take him somewhere and leave him. But he calms down quicker each day and is always happy to be back home. He's talking more each day, and even sang a song and danced this morning. He really liked the drums and music at church and so music is always a comforting thing. Joshua practiced his violin yesterday, and Josiah enjoyed that as well. I corrected him for the first time yesterday, so that was a little traumatic, and as I mentioned yesterday, anytime we say no can be difficult, but we are able to hold him and love on him, and he's trusting us more each day. So far he is doing really well with food. He's eaten, toast, eggs, pancakes, lots of banannas, dry cereal, lasagna, turkey sandwiches, rice with chicken, rice with tuna, loves all forms of sugar (cake, cookies, suckers, candy) and we've tried just a little dairy (cheese and milk). He has an appointment at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee at their adoption clinic on Jan 22 to test to see what type of parasites he might have as well as any other medical conditions. Then they can direct our pediatrician from there as to any continued treatment. But we thank God for each day, and for the adjustments he's made already. He seems like a good fit for our family. Kim and I are still very tired and know this week will be more difficult as Kim's sister has headed back home and I head to work.


Brandi said...

I was watching the national weather last night and feeling for you guys!! I bet Josiah can't figure out what's going on with all this cold!

He looks like he's doing great though! Kim, I'll be praying for you this week when all the help is gone! It's great to get back to some normalcy, but a bit overwhelming (at least it was for me) until everything really settles.

Hey, how's he doing sleeping?


Stefanie said...

Dale & Kim,

I love reading all of your updates and I am so happy that things are going so well. I'm praying for your little girl to come home soon.

Stefanie Solt

Becky said...

I just love reading your updates. Thanks for taking the time to blog for all of us.

: ) Becky

The Adoption Of William said...

Oh he is precious!!!! I LOVE thumb suckers :)


Jen :)

Donna Barber said...

Can I just say he is as adorable as I remembered him. And kim looks so little as you hold her. It will be wonderful when she is home as well. Call me!

Scarlett_333 said...

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