Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Pictures as Promised

The last pictures are the 3 girls we escorted to the Frye's last night. Today was a day to try to get a little rest, as well as help Josiah through some of the adjustments. He was very quiet most of the day taking everything in. Also it was the first chance to meet his brothers and sisters. Overall he's doing well and started to warm up and play with the kids - running, laughing and giggling. And just like a light switch he had reached his limit and begin to weep and wail and wanted nothing to do with Kim. And so at those times you need to hold him close as he works through the grieving process of all he has lost. But overall a good first day. You can watch a video of Josiah playing our drum below.


dianekrenz said...

Kim and Dale,
Thank-you for your wonderful posts on your blog. My brother, Mike Joyce, as you know is still in Liberia hoping to bring home their children. If you would like to send me your e-mail I can forward you the e-mails we have been getting from Mike and Pat. I just thought you might like that. Congratulations on getting your son home-he is beautiful!!

Diane Krenz

Becky said...

Thank you for the pictures and update! It is so amazing to see him home at last. Kim, the picture of you with Gabriella breaks my heart. I pray she's home soon, too.

I'm so impressed with Josiah's rhythm!


Missy said...

Like Becky, I teared up looking at the picture of you with Gabriella. I know she will be home soon. Now Josiah, well, isn't he just the handsome little devil. Looking forward to more pictures of all the kids. Get some rest. I'll bet you feel like you could sleep a week.
Much love to you both,

Kami said...

WOW! I could barely hear the drumming over the music that plays on your blog site (I couldn't figure out how to mute the song), but it does sound like has a really good and steady beat going on that drum, too cute! It is great that you made it home safely. I hope that Gabriella joins you very soon.

Brandi said...

Oh my how cute are they?! Can I say that I literally catch my breath looking at her. Why do those eyes do that to me?! I know that while you are enjoying your time immensely, this must give you an ache. I'll be praying for that part of your heart too along with all the attachment stuff. Did you say that when he freaks he only wants Dale? Kim, if you are struggling with that feel free to call me. I had LOTS of experience with that one the first 2 weeks!


julie said...


It is so awesome to see Josiah home! It really almost don't seem real yet. But very wonderful to see. I could not figure out how to turn the blog music off either. The picture of you with Gabriella.....oh my gosh. I hope you can get her soon! What beautiful children you have.

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful!

Watch out Tim and Shawna! There's a new drummer in church!!

See you soon.
Love, Jenny Green