Friday, February 1, 2008

Quick Quick Update

Good Morning and Greetings from Norway. It's 4:15am and thankfully the Lord woke me up even though the wake up call from the front desk did not come. I received and e-mail indicating Kim's plane left an hour late but she was still scheduled to arrive 2 hours before me.

Also regarding my previous post, and especially the part about what actually caused the delay, someone I respect informed me to check out the AoH group post regarding it, and unfortunately since the last group closed, i never took the time to set myself up and join the new one. So I appologize for any misinformation from the last post about what actually went on in Liberia yesterday, but please know that I very much care about the truth, and appologize for any misinformation it may represent.

Next post will be from Brussels.


Becky said...

It is so strange to think that it is midnight here, and I'm heading to bed, and you and Kim are just beginning the new day.

I'll be praying and will be excited to follow along with your blog. Only good news from now on, OK? I don't think I can take this roller-coaster ride anymore. : ) (It's all about me, you know)

God bless you guys!

Kami said...

Congrats on being on your way to pick up your children. I hope that everything goes well for you. Also my deepest thanks to you for posting an apology for your last post. I was devastated to read your original post about the situation in Liberia because I was there in the middle of that situation and everything you posted was false. Is there anyway you can remove that text completely from your blog? If you have any questions about the situation over there when you return please let me know as I know all that happened since I was there. I know I would feel better as well as Addy's Hope and the Liberian Government officials who helped us make things right there, if you totally removed that from your blog

Thanks! Have a great time.