Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Week In the Life of Our Family

Today I asked Ma if I could go outside and play, so after 3 weeks in America, I finally got to play in that white stuff they call "snow".
I actually enjoyed it - especially when my brother Joshua pulled me in the sled and my sister Elizabeth chased me.
I fight all the time with Olivia. We are both trying to figure out how to share and be nice, but on my own, I turned to her and said "I like you Olivia". And sometimes we can even pose for a nice picture.
I got to go see my Grandma Maly in Waukesha this weekend for the first time. We had a lot of fun, and by the end of the weekend, I was asking her to take me pee pee and poo poo. And I could unroll the whole toilet paper roll faster than she could say "no".
My brothers and I have a fun time playing at night before bedtime. Bedtimes are still quite traumatic for me, so I like to get very active before bed because I don't like for the days to end. I'll do anytihng to not have to go to bed.
This is me and Olivia playing - it's really not as bad and Ma and Pa make it to be.
Me being cool wearing one of papa's caps.
This is Olivia's hand in mine. My skin gets pretty dry over here, but Ma was quite proud when the Doctor's commented how soft my skin is. Ma has a nightly ritual of rubbing me down in Coconut Oil
These are my brothers. I'm not sure what planet they came from.
This is me helping pa work while at Grandmas. When pa's not looking I borrow his ipod. I've adjusted quite nicely to all this technology.
I am so cute - especially when I take a bath
This is ma with her new haircut, no contacts and no make-up. And I think she's beautiful. I love my ma.
The week was filled with more adjustments. Still trying to work through bedtimes, but pajamas and going to sleep are still the most difficult times of the day. On Friday we had an appointment for Josiah at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee at their Adoption Clinic. There were five doctors there that interviewed us on how the transition was going and then they checked him over for a number of different things. But overall they said he is very healthy (and adorable) and if there is anything abnormal from the blood work they will let us know. Otherwise our normal pediatrician will get the results. We'll go through the same test's with Gabriella when she gets home.
Speaking of Gabriella, we have no news still on her situation. We e-mailed AoH, but no word back. We are still waiting for the appointment to draw the DNA. The kit is in Liberia, and the last appointment they had for Gabriella's mother had to be cancelled. So we are trying to be patient, and are thankful for this "alone time" with Josiah, but long to have our baby girl home in our arms.
Thanks to all of you who are hanging with us and continue to ask and encourage us as we wait for this next phase to be completed. We also think of Joyce, Odell and Naomi a lot. Thankfully we are able to keep up on their progress through the Fryes blog. Pray for Joyce and Odell as they have the flu. We also rejoice with the Joyces and Tormey's who we traveled with to Liberia. Their children are absolutely beautiful and give thanks to God for his grace in their regards.


Becky said...

I get so excited every time I see a new post! Thanks for keeping us all updated. : ) Josiah is a doll and so are your other kids!

Keep the videos coming!

Brandi said...

Oh my. . .could they all BE any cuter? What a cutie! I love the bathtime picture! That smile! I always love sibling pics too. . .mostly b/c I know how hard it is to get one where they are all smiling! You got LOTS of great ones!


Missy said...

What a smiley little guy you have. Glad to hear you are all doing so well.

Jocelyn said...

Okay...he is so cute! Wow, I can't believe how cute he is. I love seeing our Liberians play in the snow. It's so different from where they are from!

I'm so happy that he is home!