Saturday, February 2, 2008

Made it to Brussels

Just wanted to let everyone know we made to Brussels safe and sound. So we'll take the day to recover, refresh and rest. We fly out at noon tomorrow CET (5am CST). In Norway when they announced it was time to board, I could not find my passport. I'm frantically searching and searching and near tears. I was just shaking. But thankfully i found it - just tired. Because I didn't know I was heading to Liberia, I had electronically checked into my flight back to the US on-line yesterday. My flight to the US was going through Amsterdam, but my new flight to Brussels went through Coppenhagen. I asked Dee my associate if I needed to do anything about my other flight and she said "No, you'll just be a no show". So I get up to my gate, and hand my passport over, and as their reviewing it they begin paging me for the flight to Amsterdam. Basten is not a very common name in Norway, especially Dale Basten, so the stewardess hearing the page, took a second look and looked at me with a "that's strange" look and laughed and sent me on.

We'll fill you in later on our day.

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