Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time to Rest

Well we are tucked away in the Sheraton across from the Brussels airport. Time to freshen up and rest. It's so good to be together.

I have removed the account I posted on our blog about what happened in Liberia on Thursday because I was informed it was all false. It was true that there were problems issuing visas, but the account of why was false. There will be time when I get back or perhaps when we are in Liberia to sort that out. But the bottom line for Kim and I is that we are heading to pick up our son and are going to enjoy everything about his homecoming, and hopefully in the process God will work a miracle for Gabriella. Thanks to all who continually pray and encourage.


Kami said...

Thank you so much for removing your post. I am so glad to see that you are able to rest in Brussels. I will be praying for you everyday that you are gone to pick up your precious children. If Acres says you will get your visas, I am sure that you will. I heard that things were getting fixed at the embassy while we were leaving. We all felt horrible for the families who had appointments cancelled and changed. The embassy is fully aware of the whole situation that occured this past week. Our agency met with them and told that they were written up in the paper and the embassy issued visas to the children knowing the whole story. Go get your kiddos and enjoy your time in their home country! Praying for you!

julie said...

kim and dale,
this looks exactly like the room donna and i stayed in. do you have trouble keeping water behind the shower door? ha ha. your pics make me so excited for travel again. you will get your visas! and i am praying everything works out for both children. have a wonderful time together.

jaz said...

Dale and Kim,
Please know that I, too, am covering you in prayer. Your attitude and approach to all of this is beautiful. We saw many, many miracles transpire while we were in Liberia--both in our own adoption situation, and in others'. We will definitely be praying for miracles for your family!!
Jamie Z.

Jamie said...

I'm praying for you also~ that miracles will abound and you will walk back onto US soil with your 2 children!

DeniseinSC said...

Praying and rejoicing with you!!!!!! Love, Denise

Brandi said...

Yes, praying along with all of these other families!

Your attitude is remaining so good and I so appreciate the way you handled that bit of misinformation. So gracefully.