Sunday, March 16, 2008

Caleb's in Biloxi

Our son Caleb (on the left) flew to Biloxi this morning with a group from our church. They are serving with Compassion First a ministry founded by Beaverton Four Square church from Portland Oregon. Kim and I have both gone on two trips to help rebuild homes devasted by hurricane Katrina. In fact for those of you who have followed us from the beginning, you might recall I had to alter one of my trips due to our Federal Fingerprinting being scheduled during one of them. So already back a year ago, it's been somewhat of a logistical nightmare. So we'd appreciate your prayers for Caleb. He's very young (10) to be on a trip like this, but from the beginning it's been his hearts desire to be there. He, on his own without Kim and I knowing, submitted a prayer request at church that somehow he would be able to go, and one of the coordinators approached us about it. Normally they don't let anyone under 12 go, because they can be more work then they are help. Also East Biloxi is not a safe place. Prior to the hurricane, even the police didn't like going to East Biloxi. High crime, gangs and drugs. But the hurricane forced some of them out of the area. But as the rebuilding continues, more and more of it is returning. But there has been somewhat of a revival in the area, as churches have been the cornerstone of the rebuilding effort. Anyways, pray for his growth, success and safety. He flies back next Saturday and will be back for Easter. It's been a blessing to see Caleb's maturity and appreciation, but also to see the rest of the family rally around him. We were all up at 5am this morning to pray for him and see him off.

Also got good news regarding my passport. It left the Milwuakee post office facility last night at 9:26, so I am confident it will be delivered tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers regarding all these details. I'll be pressing AoH to contact the DNA lab to make sure everything is still on schedule to get our results faxed Tuesday morning. Also I'm going to try to get up at 3am monday morning to call the US Embassy in Liberia, as I still need an Embassy Appt for March 25th for Gabriella. In 36 short hours this will all be settled.

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