Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Is Risen

Those are the most important three words in all of creation. All other religions are just that – religions, and what they worship a dead god. But that first Easter proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the Son of God, and t.hat we serve the one true living God. And the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that can work in you and me if we will only call upon the name of Jesus and be saved. The cool part about celebrating Easter in Liberia, is that Christ is the true melting pot, because we all serve one Lord and Savior, and he defies economic boundaries and racial boundaries and language boundaries and geographical boundaries. I celebrated the Risen King with my brothers and sisters at First Church in New Kru Town (African Christian Fellowship Int’l). Even though in song I did not know the Kru language I took part in the universal language of worship. I hope your Easter was filled with wonderful worship.

Other than that didn’t do anything else today except sweat. It felt especially hot today (about 95 with 80% humidity). I also daydreamed about being back home. Thanks to my mom, Easter is a wonderful culinary experience at my parents. My mother is a wonderful cook (Kim is too) and she goes all out on Easter. There is a wide variety of fresh bakery – caramel rolls, pecan rolls, Norwegian kringle, decorated cut-out sugar cookies, polish sausage, scrambled egg dish, French toast sticks, ham, decorated boiled eggs, fresh homemade rolls, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. So I was feeling a little jealous over my peanut butter and jelly for lunch and rice and butter beans for supper. But I know I ate much better than a lot of Liberians today.

Gabriella is doing great. I feel very blessed. She still hasn’t said many words. She seems to open up more with Teddy (Julie Redman’s son) but still is quite cautious with me. We played with cheerios and the cheerio book and played some fisher price which was progress. But she got mad enough at me today where she hit me. Teddy was trying to be nice and gave her a piece of hard candy, but I was afraid she might choke on it, so I wouldn’t let her have it and she was extremely mad at me. Also putting her down for her nap took some work today. But overall she’s a great eater, and very easy going, and I know the rest of those things will come with time.

Only 3 more days in Liberia. I meet with Chris to do the paperwork for the embassy tomorrow, and I’m having a local school girl do Gabriella’s hair. Also I’m heading to the markets tomorrow to get the long list of things Kim requested I get, including a drum and some outfits for future birthdays.

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Missy said...

He is risen, indeed. Still praying for the DNA