Monday, March 17, 2008

Passport In Hand - Supposed to Take Off in 24 Hrs

Well my "rushed" passport arrived today. Down to two major roadbloacks to overcome and I just received my check-in reminder for my flight which takes off in 24 hours. I feel quite hopeful about the DNA results, but now the major road block seems to be the Embassy Appointment I need on Tuesday March 25th. On the US Embassy in Liberia website it clearly states:

- Adopting Parents -
We will be unable to assist adopting parents without an appointment. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make an appointment before arriving in Liberia by emailing

Well I have sent several e-mails, I stayed up until 3am (8am in Liberia) this morning and called and there was no answer and the voice mailbox is full. I reached the switch board and they forwarded my call and it rang for 5 minutes before I hung up. I then called the switchboard another time and did leave a voice message. I'm in the process of trying to get the Office of Congressman Steven Kagen 8th District, Wisconsin to try to fax the Consulate on my behalf. But I'm not very hopeful i'll have the appointment I need before I'm supposed to hop on a plane. That's where you come in - Please Pray! Thanks

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Brandi said...

Father God, YOU have gone before us so many times. When it seemed like there was no way, you made one. Every time we begin to doubt, you come through. We ask again that you would help the Basten's get an appointment with Alma. We pray for favor. We pray for good connections as they call, for their email to be noticed. Father we pray that you will go before them and prepare a way. We pray that above all, you will get the glory! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to bring them to this point. We trust you and your ways!