Thursday, March 13, 2008

Down to the 11th Hour (and 59th Minute)

First let me start by giving God all the glory in our situation. If everything works out it will be because of Him and for Him, and if it doesn't, it will still be because He has something better planned. I've seen already in how well Josiah is doing that there was definitely divine planning in only having Josiah for the last 6 weeks. He is doing remarkably well and I believe part of that is because we've had only him to focus on. Was that how we planned it - No! Also are other children have had some time to adjust to the changes as well, and so we are so very thankful for where we are at and how we have been blessed.

But I wanted to share a couple encouraging things. First I called the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC this morning and my passport has the visa in it and is in an envelope and will be mailed out today. So I should probably get it tomorrow, but at the very latest by Monday. Secondly I e-mailed AoH this morning to see if our DNA actually made it to the Lab yesterday. And it arrived last night. The AoH represenative is out today, but they spoke with her Supervisor and she said the results would be ready on Monday. Unfortunately the Supervisor is out on Monday and has to sign off on the results, so the sign off will not occur until Tuesday. They will fax the results to AoH, and they will in turn scan them in and e-mail them to us. My flight leaves Green Bay at 1:30pm Tuesday, so there still should be enough time for me to know the results and make the necessary decisions before I have to be at the airport. And there should be plenty of time for the results to get to Liberia for me to make an Embassy Appointment on Tues March 25th, the day before I'm to fly home.

I currently do NOT have an embassy appointment for March 25th, and just sent an e-mail today requesting one. So hopefully in the next couple days i'll get confirmation of that appointment, otherwise I'll be making a few visits to the Embassy in person when I'm there.

So I appreciate your continued prayers. God has already chosen to answer some of them, and we look forward to seeing how he will work it all out. THANKS AGAIN!


S and K said...

Continually praying!

Brandi said...

Definitely still praying! Did you see on the embassy website that there is a new email addy for adoptive paretns to use to schedule appts? It was new to me, but I hadn't been there in a couple months!

PLEASE keep us updated! Looks like Tuesday morning, I'll be clicking, clicking and double clicking!