Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Name This Posting

Well I tried to come up with an appropriate name for this posting and they are...
* Wake Me Up When Its Over
* "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord
* The best laid plans...
* Murphy's Law of Adoption
* FedEx - When It Absolutely Positively Has To Get There Overnight
Well Kim and I hung around our computer all day today, just waiting for that e-mail that would affirm a positive link between Gabriella and her mother. By 4pm we had had enough and so we called AoH only to find out that our DNA labwork is still in Tennessee. My outward appearance was rather controlled, though I could feel my temperature rising and knowing I was about to blow a gasket. The DNA was taken on 2/27. It never got picked up until 2/29. Normally the Embassy ships DHL, but for some reason they used FedEx and put the wrong label on the package. Last Thursday it was in Tennessee so should have been delivered to it's destination on 3/7. On 3/7 is when we asked about making travel plans so I could get my Visa. AoH gave us 3/22 - 3/29. Because Gabriella turns 2 on 3/29 it was going to cost $3400 for her one way ticket back, so yesterday we asked if it was possible to come earlier in order to save costs by a lap ticket. They said "yes" make it from 3/19 - 3/26 and that we should have the DNA results today or by tomorrow (3/11). So needless to say, this leaves us in quite a predicament. So we would certainly appreciate your prayers. We need to expedite getting the DNA to the right lab and processed. So goes our continuing saga... all we want is our little girl.


S and K said...

I am praying that you will be able to leave on time and be home on the 29th.

So, I am not sure how realistic or how lofty my prayer is, but I am praying anyway.

So, maybe you could entitle your post "going in faith"

I don't know.

Seriously, honestly, really, praying (I know people often wonder if other people are really praying, but I really am... and right now!)


Jeff and Tina said...

I will pray for you also.Hang in there!
Tina Frye

Brandi said...

Can you pray and say 'aaaggghhhh" all at one time? That's what I'm doing for you! Oh Jesus, please teach them something HUGE about you through this!!! Make this something they wouldn't trade for the world b/c of how intimate they got with you. . .just use it somehow b/c it's absolutely crazy on the human scale!

aaagh!!! Waiting on pins and needs with you!