Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Very Much In Need of Prayer

I called the Liberian Embassy yesterday to make sure my cashiers check was received and it was and they said the passport was in an envelope ready to go out yesterday. Well it did not. I called again today, and a different person assured me the same thing. But the USPS tracking number I have (because i supplied the prepaid express/priority mail envelope) still shows no record on the USPS website. I'm down to Monday if I don't receive it tomorrow. If they ship it express monday, I could still receive my passport before the flight on Tuesday afternoon. I'm so glad I paid the extra $50 for 24 hour processing. Last time I sent it in on a monday without the extra $50 and received it back by Friday. This time I sent it in last Saturday, and I still don't have it. Go Figure.

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Brandi said...

You are taking me back in time and my heart can't handle it. . aaagh. . I know that feeling. . .that "let's check the tracking number again" and then actually calling the warehouses where they are at! oh my!