Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Going In Faith

Well, we only had one submission to name our last post, and I thought it was perfect (thanks Katy). But wanted to pass along another update on our situation.

According to FedEx, our DNA is on a truck and should be delivered to the lab today. Originally what happened was the wrong label was placed on the DNA causing it to be shipped through Memphis. Compounding the situation, the package apparently became "stuck" to another package. FedEx lost the shipment until the other package was delivered with the DNA and the recipient allerted FedEx of the error. AoH has contacted the DNA lab, and their representative was very helpful and sympathetic to our case. She said that if the DNA arrived today as scheduled that she would request that it be put on the top of the list. There are no guarantees, but it is possible that we could have the results back by the 17th, before I travel. This would also allow plenty of time for the DNA to be shipped to the embassy in Monrovia before my flight back to the US. She is also going to use AoH DHL account to ship the DNA back to Liberia which is faster than FedEx. If we don't have the results by next Monday Night, then I have to make some decisions. So obviously prayer is the key.

Also, Mark Schultz is a Christian artist who wrote a song entitled "Everything To Me" about his own adoption story, and held a contest to have someone provide the video for it, and this is the one that won. To me it summarizes the amazing gift of adoption and why Kim and I are doing what we are doing. And no matter the cost, the frustration, or difficulty, it is truly is all worth it.

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Brandi said...

This is close to how crazy our time was just to get our visas for Ghana (did you read that saga) it was seriously a FedEx nightmare! I know how it is to track things almost desparately!!! Praying, praying!!! Jesus, help the right person see it, help them place it where it's unforgettable. . help them run the test quickly!! Help them know!!!