Friday, March 7, 2008

Here I Go Again (Literally)

Well still no results on Gabriella's mom's DNA test, but we should have the results this week. If all goes well (as we hope) I needed to be ready to travel again. In order to travel, I needed another Liberian Visa, because I only purchased a 1-time entry the last time. And in order to get a new Visa, I needed to send my itineray to the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC. Well in order to send my itineray, i actually had to have one. So I contacted AoH on when I should expect to travel, and they gave me dates of arriving in Monrovia on March 23rd and leaving Liberia on March 29th. So to that end I booked my flights in faith. When we returned with Josiah a month ago, we returned on Caleb's 10th birthday. This time I will be returning on Gabriella's 2nd birthday. So all the feelings I felt 2 months ago when we starting the process of making my first trip to Liberia, all resurfaced. It seems nothing about the travel goes smoothly - at least for me. I was booking with Golden Rule Travel, and due to the timing of the trip, Spring Break travels are making flight availablities limited. I happened to have 100,000 Northwest Frequent Flier miles, so I worked it out to have Golden Rule book the flight from Brussels to Monrovia, and I was booking the flight from Green Bay to Brussels and back for free using my Frequent Flier miles. I called before I made the reservation to make sure that adding Gabriella as a lap ticket would work and the agent assured me "yes". I was to make the reservation online and call them back. So I called them, and after calling 2 agents and spending nearly 45 minutes on the phone and holding, the lap ticket was going to cost $761. Then they asked for her birth date, and since she turns 2 on the return trip, she doesn't qualify to be a lap ticket. So her ticket would instead cost the low low price of $3480. So needless to say, I have cancelled my trip, and I'm back to square one. I'll have to talk to Ronald Miller on Monday and try to work out something else. I hated to say it, but "Here we go again" :)


S and K said...

Just wanted to let you know that the kids and I are praying daily for you.


Brandi said...

Couldn't you leave on Friday instead of Sunday to come home? I can't imagine that you would be doing anything over the weekend! Possibly go in the Friday before and leave that friday! Just some ideas!! So praying for you!